Tales of the Crystal Sword

The story begins
Our heros start

The bar got silent as the strange traveler opened the door. He stepped in and the noise continued as normal. I watch as he walks to the bar and orders something before turning to take a seat. He walks over and sits at the table behind me. I look back down at my own drink as others file in to join the traveler.
He sits behind only eating without any alcohol while they throw jokes and shout. “This city has the craziest people! Some people form guilds of fifty to find magical items! WHO…”
I stood and walked the few steps it took to get to the side of their table. “You know why?”
They looked in exasperation and shook their heads. I drew my sword, a beautiful crystal and iron work that glistened in the light. “Have you heard the tale of the crystal sword?”
One of them turned and said “another crazy one!” But nobody looked. I held the crystal sword in front of them.
I pointed the sword at him “You’re the reason I’m standing here.”
“Hit me, I need a good tale for when i get back to my home.”
I looked around the bar to see many people had stopped and were waiting. I pulled up a seat. “The tale of the Crystal Sword are easy for me to recount as i was in the party who found it. The legend of the crystal sword, as you have all heard before, is one of riches. The king wanted the strongest sword in the kingdom. He ordered for a sword of crystal and silver.”
“When are you gonna tell us something we haven’t all heard before?”
“When you have all learned to wait and listen” i said, glaring at the man who said that. “The sword could not be crafted in normal ways so a group of the seven strongest men in the realms to make it together. A cold wizard, heat wizard, suction wizard, arcane wizard, strongman and the smartest sage of the north. All together they were able to shape crystal.”
I drew my sword again. “it had the beauty of an elven longsword and everything but the blade was silver. With that the sword was given to the king. The king could not resist for the ancient crystal sword rules over those who dare believe… it rules their every thought and once you posses it you can never get rid of it. The six who made got together and stole the sword and hid it where no other being could ever find it. Each carried a single clue as to where it is hidden.”
I sit back in my seat as the whole bar stares and waits for the real story to start. “One day i was walking along the streets of Aurbouron and i saw something on the ground. As i stooped down i saw it…”


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